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OST 11-bV0.732.003-71
Technological blanks of solders. Rings. Brand and size
OST 1-52245-77
Rollers of contact welding machines. Norms for consumption.
OST 1-90078-72
Bars cast from heat-resistant alloys of grades ВХН1 and В3К
OST 4-010.000-75
Jaws (hole), key end and “turnkey” dimension.
OST 4-G0.021.008-70
Foundry aluminium-based alloy. Technical conditions
OST 4-G0.021.204-73
Sheets and strips of gold and silver (limitation GOST 7221-54)
OST 4-G0.021.205-73
Sheets and strips from silver alloys (limitation GOST 7221-54)
OST 4-G0.021.207-73
Strips of platinum and its alloys (limitation GOST 8398-57 and GOST 8399-57)
OST 4-G0.021.208-73
Strips of palladium and its alloys (limitation GOST 8398-57 and GOST 8399-57)
OST 4-G0.021.215-73
Foil sheets of silver, silver-palladium and palladium-silver alloys (limitation GOST 8400-57 and GOST 8401-57)
OST 4-G0.021.220-73
Wire from gold, silver and their alloys (limitation GOST 7222-54)
OST 4-G0.021.221-73
Wire from gold-nickel alloy (limitation TS 303-66)
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