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GOST 22178-76
Titanium and titanium alloys sheets. Specifications
Price: $333.00
GOST 23755-79
Plates of titanium and titanium alloys. Specifications
Price: $494.00
GOST 24890-81
Welded titanium and titanium alloys pipes
Price: $217.00
GOST 26492-85
Titanium and titanium alloys rolled bars. Specifications
Price: $574.00
OST 1-42355-87
Billets made of titanium alloys, forged under isothermal conditions. Structural elements.
OST 1-90000-70
Titanium Alloy Forgings and Forgings
OST 1-90002-86
Blades forged and titanium alloys
OST 1-90006-86
Titanium alloy blanks for the manufacture of blades. Technical requirements
OST 1-90013-81
Titanium alloys. Stamps
OST 1-90024-71
Titanium Alloy Plates
OST 1-90027-71
Titanium Alloy Tape
OST 1-90031-77
Titanium alloy electrodes for shaped casting
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