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Large electrical machines, electric turbine and hydrogenerator units. Large electrical converters

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GOST 4.167-85
System of product-quality indices. Large electrical rotating machines with frame number above 355. Nomenclature of indices
Price: $349.00
OST 16-0.512.024-77
Turbogenerators. End conclusions of the stator winding. Technical requirements. Test methods.
OST 16-0.512.025-77
Damper hydraulic turbine generators. Winding. Technical requirements.
OST 16-0.800.418-77
Turbine generators, hydro-generators. Synchronous compensators. Static and brushless excitation system. Types, basic parameters. Description.
OST 16-0.800.843-81
Turbine-generators. Completeness of spare parts.
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