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Processes. Typical technological processes

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GOST 23586-79
Mounting of electric and radio electronic equipment and instruments. Technical requirements for braids and their fastening
Price: $365.00
OST 107-460091.004-88
micro assembly technology. General requirements.
Price: $3,526.25
OST 107-460092.005-87
Basic bearing structures of first and second levels for radio-electronic means. Typical assembly processes.
OST 107-460092.006-87
Basic bearing structures of the third level for radio-electronic means. Typical assembly processes.
OST 107-460092.011-88
Acoustoelectronic products on surface acoustic waves. Typical technological operations of assembly.
OST 107-680244.001-87
Production of printed boards with unilateral wire electrical mounting by stitches for radio-electronic means. Typical technological process.
OST 107-764416.001-89
precision photomasks and originals.Typical technological processes.
OST 11-14.4000-87
Pressure die casting thermoplastics with Masterbatch colouring. Typical technological process.
OST 11-14.4004-87
Gas discharge devices. Typical technological processes of ceramic-metallic assembly unit soldering and welding.
OST 11-14.4005-87
SHF vacuum tubes. Typical technological process of metallic compound welding.
OST 11-14.4006-87
Electronic products. Typical technological process of magnetic-pulse welding.
OST 11-14.5003-85
Radio parts. Typical technological processes. Protective coating on wire for terminals.
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