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Piezoelectric devices

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GOST 17447-72
Integrated circuits for digital computers and discrete automatic systems. Basic parameters
Price: $68.00
GOST 17467-88
Integrated microcircuits. Basic dimensions
Price: $1,051.00
GOST 18275-72
Radio electronic apparatus. Rated voltages and current intensity
Price: $84.00
GOST 18725-83
Integrated circuits. General specifications
Price: $606.00
GOST 19480-89
Integrated circuits. Terms, definitions and letter symbols of electrical parameters
Price: $1,141.00
GOST 23586-79
Mounting of electric and radio electronic equipment and instruments. Technical requirements for braids and their fastening
Price: $365.00
GOST 23622-79
Logic elements of integrated circuits. Basic parameters
Price: $68.00
GOST 26949-86
Integrated microcircuits. Methods for measuring of electrical parameters of continuous voltage regulators
Price: $542.00
GOST 27780-88
Integrated circuits. Multiplexers and switches. Methods for measurement of electric parameters
Price: $746.00
GOST R 50044-92
Integrated microcircuits and semiconductor device service mounted technology. Requirements to packages
Price: $478.00
OST 107-468157.001-89
Microassemblies. Methods of operational control.
OST 11-0161.2-85
Piezoelectric devices and electromechanical filters. Insulating strength testing method.
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