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Laser active elements and functional optical elements of laser control devices

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GOST 17485-77
Photocells. Basic parameters
Price: $68.00
GOST 20271.1-91
Microwave electronic devices. Methods of measuring electrical parameters
Price: $1,465.00
GOST 20271.3-91
Microwave electronic devices. Methods of measuring of modulating impulse parameters
Price: $398.00
GOST 7842-71
Electronic tubes and valves. Compatibility dimensions. Pin alignment. Gauges
Price: $510.00
GOST R 50737-95
Laser passive switches. Methods of measurement and assessment of parameters
Price: $349.00
OST 11-0454-87
SHF vacuum tubes. Output waveguide device with flat windows. Design, dimensions, parameters.
OST 11-0462-87
Vacuum tubes and SHF protection devices. Reference designation system.
OST 11-0524-88
Microwave amplified electronic products. Methods for measuring blocking factors regarding strengthening and noise and power of intermodulation.
OST 11-0763-90
Microwave energy generators for domestic microwave ovens. General Specifications.
OST 3-3044-83
Beamsplitters and dielectric mirrors for lasers. Technical requirements.
OST 3-31-84
Active laser elements made of ГЛС glass type. Technical requirements.
OST 3-6314-87
Mirrors of solid-state lasers. Terms and definitions.
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