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GOST 19150-84
Magnetically-operated sealed switches. General specifications
Price: $526.00
GOST 22466.1-88
Gaseous discharge sources of high-intensity optical radiation. Method for measuring luminous parameters
Price: $134.00
GOST 25024.7-90
Character displays. Methods of measuring spectral characteristics and chromaticity coordinates
Price: $462.00
OST 11-0043-84
Electroluminescent and liquid crystal character indicators. General Specifications.
OST 11-0152-85
Magnetically controlled sealed contacts. Guidance on application.
OST 11-070.853-82
Quality indicator system. Liquid-crystal indicators. Product indicators.
OST 11-337.805-81
Discharge pulsed sources of high-intensity optical radiation. Methods for measuring operating voltage and discharge energy.
OST 11-337.807-82
Discharge pulsed sources of high-intensity optical radiation with foil current terminals. Basic design.
OST 11-339.810-82
Liquid crystal indicators. Method of contrast measuring.
OST 11-4.0100.1-85
Quality indicator system. Vacuum character indicators. Product indicators.
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