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12. Training and retraining of personnel

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RD 153-34.0-12.106-2001
Ordinance on Certification of Laboratories for Psychophysiological Support of Reliability of Professional Activity and Preserving the Health of Energy Facility Personnel
Price: $195.03
RD 153-34.0-12.305-99
Readiness Standards for Training Software for Energy Personnel
Price: $398.97
RD 34.12.102-94
Requirements for Organization of Work with Personnel at Energy Facilities and Institutions
Price: $570.24
RD 34.12.103
Program for training personnel of militarized fire departments of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs for the protection of energy enterprises and operational personnel of power plants and networks of the USSR Ministry of Energy
RD 34.12.104
Regulations on continuous professional and economic training of workers in the system of the USSR Ministry of Energy
RD 34.12.202
Guidelines for Organization of Fire Drills at Energy Facilities and in Organizations Administered by Minenergo USSR
Price: $273.24
RD 34.12.203
List of emergency response training themes for operational staff of thermal power plants
Price: $570.24
RD 34.12.204
Technical Assignment for Training Programs for Operational Personnel for Developing Switching Skills in Power Supply Computer-Based Switchgears
RD 34.12.302-86
Guidelines for the construction of a complex of training and training systems for the training of operating personnel of power units of TPPs, nuclear power plants, electric grid enterprises, power systems and associations
RD 34.12.304-88
Program for Perfection of the Industry-Specific System for Training of Operating Personnel and Development of Simulator Training Centers and Stations at Facilities Administered by Minenergo USSR in 1988-1990 and up to 2000
SO 153-34.12.201-88
Requirements for Conducting Accident Drills for Personnel of Electric Power Generating Stations and Networks Administered by Minenergo USSR
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