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22. Circulating and technical water supply systems. Onshore pumping. Cooling towers

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MU 34-70-143-86
Methodical instructions for determining the availability of electric power of power plants with circulating water supply systems
RD 153-34.1-22.508-2001
Procedural Guidelines for the Determination of Sufficiency of Electric Power for Circulating Water Supply Systems for Electric Power Generating Stations
Price: $390.06
RD 34.22.101
Guide to Optimization of Recycled Water Supply System for Electric Power Generating Stations with Cooling Towers
RD 34.22.301-88
Procedural Guidelines for Field Inspections of Reinforced Concrete Shells of Cooling Towers
Price: $179.19
RD 34.22.401-95
Procedural Guidelines for Adjustment Process Water Supply Systems Thermal Power Stations
Price: $362.34
RD 34.22.402-94
Typical instructions for the acceptance and operation of tower towers
Price: $936.00
RD 34.22.501
Procedural Guidelines for the Prevention and Removal of Mineral and Organic Deposits
RD 34.22.502
Rules of operation of claimed water reservoirs of small and medium capacity
Price: $179.19
RD 34.22.503-89
Procedural Guidelines for Stabilization of Water Treatment in Recycled Cooling System with Cooling Towers Using Oxydiethylenediphenylphosphoric Acid
RD 34.22.504
Standard instruction manual for coastal circulating water supply for block power plants
Price: $523.71
RD 34.22.505
Procedural Guidelines for Operation of Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers
Price: $257.40
RD 34.22.506
Procedural Guidelines for Operation of Zero-Discharge Cooling Systems
Price: $69.30
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