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30. Steam and gas turbines

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RD 153-34.1-30.106-00
Rules for technical operation of gas-handling facilities for gas-turbine and combined-cycle units at thermal power plants
Price: $289.08
RD 153-34.1-30.311-96
Procedural Guidelines for Accelerated Tests of Steam Turbines of Thermal Power Stations
Price: $586.08
RD 153-34.1-30.502-00
Procedural Guidelines for Organization of Rust-Preventive Treatment of Thermal Energy Equipment Using Air
Price: $461.34
RD 153-34.1-30.604-00
Guidelines for balancing multi-shaft shafts of turbine units at power plants
Price: $1,142.46
RD 153-34.1-30.608-00
Procedural Guidelines for the Use of an Expert System for Assessment of Operational and Repair Maintenance of Turbine Generators
RD 153-34.1-30.737-97
Typical power characteristic of the turbine unit PT-65 / 75-130 / 13 LMZ
Price: $607.00
RD 34.30.102
Technical requirements for designed and modernized steam turbines to reduce the complexity of repairs
RD 34.30.103
Guidelines for Design, Adjustment and Operation of Units for Continuous Cleaning of Steam Turbine Condensers Using Rubber Balls
RD 34.30.104
Guidelines for Thermal Calculation of Surface Condensers of High-Power Turbines at Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants
RD 34.30.105
Procedural Guidelines for Calculation and Design of Steam-Jet Ejectors for Condensation Units of Turbines at Thermal Power Stations and Nuclear Power Plants
RD 34.30.106-95
Guidelines for the design of gas supply system with the addition of natural gas up to 0.5 MPa for gas turbine and combined cycle thermal power plants of RAO "UES of Russia", 08/24/95
RD 34.30.303
Instructions for the rapid testing of turbine K-300-240 XTGZ
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