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41. Pumps

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RD 153-34.1-41.602-2002
General Requirements for Use of New Materials Made from Thermally Expanded Graphite for Centrifugal Pump Shaft Seals
Price: $257.40
RD 34.41.101
Technical Requirements for Circulation Pumps for Large Electric Power Units
Price: $100.98
RD 34.41.202
Guidelines for Installation of Feed Pumps for Units with Turbines Types K-300-240, K-500-240 and T-250/300-240
RD 34.41.203
Guidelines for Installation of Feed Pump Assemblies for Boilers with Vapor Pressure of 140 and 100 kgf/sq. cm
RD 34.41.204
Guidelines for Installation of Electric Pumps at Thermal Power Stations
Price: $1,126.62
RD 34.41.301-89
Procedural Guidelines for Monitoring Vibration of Centrifugal Pumps at Thermal Power Stations
Price: $37.62
RD 34.41.601
Guide to Overhaul of Mud Pumps
RD 34.41.702
Typical energy characteristics of feed turbine pump PTN-1100-350-24 for 250 MW power unit
RD 34.41.703
Standard Power Output Characteristics of Electric Feed Pumps PEh-720-185-2, PEh-580-200/185-2, PEh-500-180-4, PEh-380-200/185-2 and PEh-270-150-3
SO 153-34.41.706
Typical energy characteristic of electric feed pump PHA 850-65
SO 34.41.708
Guidelines for testing power electric pumps and turbopumps
SO 34.41.709
Methodical directions for test of network pumps
Price: $163.35
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