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43. Energy oils

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RD 153-34.0-43.210-00
Turbine, Petroleum-Based, and Fireresistant Oils. Method for the Determination of Air Content of Oil by Volume
Price: $163.35
RD 153-34.0-43.302-2001
Procedural Guidelines for the Use of Used Turbine and Transformer Oils for Process Needs of Energy Facilities
Price: $179.19
RD 153-34.1-43.106-2001
Model Guidelines for Acceptance, Storage, and Use of Fireresistant Turbine Oils Type OMTI
Price: $663.30
RD 153-34.1-43.204-2001
Petroleum-Based and Fireresistant Turbine Oils. Quantitative Method for the Determination of Anticorrosion Properties
Price: $132.66
RD 153-34.1-43.211-2000
Fire and mineral turbine oils. Method for determination of deaerating properties and autoignition temperature
RD 153-34.1-43.212-2000
Fire and mineral turbine oils. Method for determining auto-ignition temperature
Price: $100.98
RD 34.43.101-82
Typical instructions for extending the life of transformer oils with the aid of the additive "Anthranilic acid"
Price: $132.66
RD 34.43.102-96
Guidelines for Use of Petroleum-Based Turbine Oils
Price: $241.56
RD 34.43.104-88
Procedural Guidelines for Adding Additive to Turbine Oil Tp-22s and Tp-30
Price: $69.30
RD 34.43.105-89
Procedural Guidelines for Use of Transformer Oils
Price: $772.20
RD 34.43.106-90
Standard instructions for acceptance, storage and operation of OMTI fire-resistant turbine oil
RD 34.43.107-95
Procedural Guidelines for the Determination of Content of Water and Air in Transformer Oil
Price: $257.40
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