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46. ​​Power Transformers

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RD 153-34.0-46.302-00
Procedural Guidelines for Diagnostics of Defects Developing in Transformer Equipment Using the Results of Chromatographic Analysis of Gases Dissolved in the Oil
Price: $492.03
RD 153-34.3-46.304-00
Ordinance on Expert System for Inspection and Assessment of Operating Condition of Current and Voltage Power Transformers
Price: $320.76
RD 34.46.201-84
Instructions for transporting transformers by rail
RD 34.46.302-89
Guidelines for diagnosing developing defects based on chromatographic analysis of gases dissolved in oil of power transformers (temporary)
RD 34.46.303-98
Procedural Guidelines for Preparation for and Performance of Chromatographic Analysis of Gases Dissolved in the Oil of Power Transformers
Price: $554.40
RD 34.46.501
Guidelines for Operation of Transformers
Price: $865.26
RD 34.46.502-79
Instructions for determining the nature of internal damage to transformers for analyzing gas from a gas relay
RD 34.46.503
Model Guidelines for Operation Oil-Filled Bushing at Voltage of 110-750 kV
Price: $570.24
RD 34.46.504-90
Method for Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Use in Electrical Networks of Transformers with Under-Load Voltage Control and Automatic Voltage Control
Price: $289.08
RD 34.46.601-87
Power oil transformers. The method of heating by currents of zero sequence
RD 34.46.602-88
Guiding regulatory document. Typical technology manual. Power oil transformers. Production of main and longitudinal insulation of transformer windings
RD 34.46.604-86
Instructions for the overhaul of transformers with a voltage of 35 - 220 kV with a capacity of up to 80,000 kVA
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