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ETCS Issue 2
Unified tariff qualification reference book of works and professions of workers. Sections: "Foundry", "Welding", "Boiler, cold-forging, drawing and pressing", "Forge-pressing and thermal work", "Mechanical processing of metals and other materials", "Metal plating and painting", "Enameling", Locksmithing and assembly work "
GOST 10704-76
Electric welded longitudinal steel pipes. Assortment
GOST 10704-91
Electrically welded steel line-weld lubes. Range
Price: $112.86
GOST 10705-63
Electrically welded steel tubes. Technical requirements
GOST 10707-80
Steel cold shaped electrically welded tubes technical conditions
Price: $149.49
GOST 10922-90
Welded reinforcing products and inserts, welded joints of reinforcement and inserts for reinforced concrete structures. General specifications
Price: $520.74
GOST 11068-81
Electric-welded pipes from corrosion-resistant steel
Price: $88.11
GOST 12.3.003-86
Occupational safety standards system Electric welding works. Safety requirements
Price: $214.83
GOST 12132-66
Electrowelded and seamless steel tubes for automotive and bicycle industries. Specifications
Price: $129.69
GOST 13547-2015
Pipeline valves. Butterfly wicket valves. General specifications
Price: $189.09
GOST 13556-2016
Cranes. Tower cranes. General technical requirements
Price: $441.54
GOST 13556-91
Building tower pillars building tower pillars
Price: $573.21
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