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They are currently available in RUSSIAN and ENGLISH. Moreover, we can obtain or translate official copies in German, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and other languages.


We have access to virtually any technical requirements, codes and norms related to Import and Export, Customs Clearance, Sanitary certification, Construction, Oil and Gas, Operation, 

Railway, Safety, Environment Protection and other activities. An example would be GOST R, SNiP, SanPiN, TR CU, VSN, GOST, NPB, TR TS, SP 13330, SP 13130, and many more. 
We have a complete set of requirements for Import and Export of Food (Meat, Poultry, Dairy, Milk, Vegetables, Fish, Seafood, Alcohol, Tobacco, Chocolate, etc.) Equipment (Aviation, Railway, 

heavy machinery, 18-wheeler trucks, construction machinery, tractors, dosers, top-loaders, lorries, etc.), Machinery (heavy machinery, garment factory, steel production, mining, oil and 

gas, refinery, etc.), vehicles, Trucks and other Products to Russia and the Customs Union (Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Russia).
Moreover we provide Laws, Decrees, Resolutions, Rules and Legal Letters and Instructions issued by the Russian Federal government, Parliament, regional agencies and other bodies.  

Below is a list of some codes that we have in English. Regulatory library in English is currently the largest on the internet, with over 120,000 regulatory documents. We add, on average, 50-100 new documents monthly. Any 

major agency and any country of the former USSR is covered: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine, and many more.


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Russian regulations (GOST, SNiP) norms (PB, NPB, RD, SP, OST, STO) and laws in English. |; Codes , Letters , NP , POT , RTM , TOI, DBN , MDK , OND , PPB , SanPiN , 

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GOST 370-93  <->  Vertical drilling machines. Basic dimensions. Standards of accuracy and rigidity
GOST 3711-79  <->  Sickle. Technical requirements
GOST 3713-79  <->  Raw uncured cigars tobacco. Specifications
GOST 3714-79  <->  Raw cured cigars tobacco. Specification
GOST 3716-90  <->  Green unbroken tea in bulk. Specifications
GOST 3717-84  <->  Suede. Specifications
GOST 3722-81  <->  Rolling bearings. Balls. Technical requirements
GOST 3728-78  <->  Tubes. Method of bend-over test
GOST 3739-89  <->  Packed meat. Specifications
GOST 3749-77  <->  Checking 90° squares. Specifications
GOST 37-55  <->  Cow butter
GOST 3757-75  <->  Reagents. Aluminium nitrate 9-aqueous. Specifications
GOST 3758-75  <->  Reagents. Aluminium sulphate octadecahydrate. Specifications
GOST 3759-75  <->  Reagents. Aluminium chloride 6-aqueous. Specifications
GOST 3760-79  <->  Reagents. Ammonia water. Specifications
GOST 3762-78  <->  Reagents. Ammonium hydrogen carbonate. Specifications
GOST 3763-76  <->  Reagents. Ammonium bichromate. Specifications
GOST 3765-78  <->  Reagents. Ammonium molibdate. Specifications
GOST 3769-78  <->  Reagents. Ammonium sulphate. Specifications
GOST 3770-75  <->  Reagents. Ammonium carbonate. Specifications
GOST 3771-74  <->  Reagents. Ammonium dihydrogen orthophosphate Specifications
GOST 3772-74  <->  Reagents. Ammonium phosphate dibasic. Specifications
GOST 3773-72  <->  Reagents. Ammonium chloride. Specifications
GOST 3774-76  <->  Reagents. Ammonium chromate. Specifications
GOST 3776-78  <->  Reagents. Chromium (VI) oxide. Specifications
GOST 3777-76  <->  Reagents. Barium nitrate. Specifications
GOST 3778-77  <->  Lead. Specifications
GOST 3778-98  <->  Lead. Specifications
GOST 3779-55  <->  Copper sticks for crushers
GOST 378-76  <->  Asbestos-cement corrugated sheets of ordinary prfile and details for them
GOST 37-91  <->  Butter. Specifications
GOST 379-79  <->  Silicate brick and stones. Specifications
GOST 379-95  <->  Silicate brick and stones. Specifications
GOST 380-2005  <->  Common quality carbon steel. Grades
GOST 3808.1-80  <->  Coniferous sawn timber. Atmospheric drying and storage
GOST 380-88  <->  Common quality carbon steel. Grades
GOST 380-94  <->  Common quality carbon steel. Grades
GOST 3811-72  <->  Textile materials. Textile fabrics, nonwoven fabrics and piece-articles. Methods for determination of linear dimensions linear and surface density
GOST 3812-72  <->  Textile materials. Textile fabrics and piece-articles. Methods for determination of density of threads and pile bunches
GOST 3813-72  <->  Textile materials. Textile fabrics and piece-articles. Methods for determination of brearing under tension
GOST 3814-81  <->  Texfile fabrics. Methods for the determination of falling out
GOST 3815.1-93  <->  Pile materials. Methods for determination surface density of pile cover
GOST 3815.2-93  <->  Pile materials. Methods for determination surface density of pile
GOST 3815.3-93  <->  Pile materials. Methods for determination of pile fastening strength
GOST 3815.4-93  <->  Pile materials. Methods for determination of pile height and thickness
GOST 3816-81  <->  Textile fabrics. Methods for determination of hygroscopic and water-repelent properties
GOST 3818.0-72  <->  Linter. Specifications
GOST 3818.1-72  <->  Linter. Test methods
GOST 3822-79  <->  Bimetallic copper-steel wire. Specifications
GOST 3826-82  <->  Wire cloth nets with square mesh. Specifications
GOST 382-91  <->  Raw hides and skins sorted for industrial use. Specifications
GOST 3836-83  <->  Electrotechnical unalloyed steel thin sheet and bands. Specifications
GOST 3839-70  <->  Low-power electronic tubes. Test methods for life cycle
GOST 3840-79  <->  Projection lenses. Specifications
GOST 3845-75  <->  Metallic tubes. Hydraulic pressure testing method
GOST 3849-78  <->  Accessories for vertical cylindrical strorace tank for pertoleum products. Cast iron joints for swing tube
GOST 3852-93  <->  Fruits of hawthorn. Specifications
GOST 3858-73  <->  Sauerkraut. Specifications 
GOST 3859-83  <->  Turret heads for turret lathes. Basic dimensions
GOST 3864-75  <->  22% Mastic. Specifications
GOST 38-72  <->  Rubber packing rings for joining heads of brake hoses and end cocks of autobrakes. Specifications
GOST 3875-83  <->  Steel card wire. Specifications
GOST 3877-88  <->  Petroleum products. Determination of sulfur by calorimetric bomb method
GOST 3-88  <->  Surgical rubber gloves. Specifications
GOST 3882-74  <->  Sintered hard alloys. Types
GOST 3884-77  <->  Contacts for electrical comutation apparates. Construction and dimensions
GOST 3885-73  <->  Reagents and superpure substances. Regulations of acceptance, sampling, packing, marking, transportation and storage
GOST 3889-80  <->  Intermediate flanges for self-centering chucks. Design and dimensions
GOST 3890-82  <->  Four-jawed independent chucks. Basic and coupling dimensions
GOST 3897-87  <->  Knitted garments. Marking, packing, transportation and storage
GOST 3898-56  <->  Deodorized soya flour. Specifications
GOST 3899-81  <->  Transducers with electric contacts for control of linear dimensions. Specifications
GOST 3900-85  <->  Petroleum and petroleum products. Methods for determination of density
GOST 3902-82  <->  Essential oil of fennel. Specifications
GOST 3903-70  <->  Oil, calamus. Specifications
GOST 390-83  <->  General-purpose refractory fire-slay articles
GOST 390-96  <->  Fireclay and semiacidic refractory articles general-purpose and mass production. Specifications
GOST 3910-75  <->  Refractory silica products for brickwork of glassmaking furnaces. Specifications
GOST 3914-89  <->  Sulphite bleached pulp of coniferous wood. Specifications
GOST 3916.1-89  <->  Plywood with outer layers of deciduous veneer for general use. Specifications
GOST 3916.1-96  <->  Plywood with outer layers of deciduous veneer for general use. Specifications
GOST 3916.2-89  <->  Plywood with outer layers of coniferous veneer for general use. Specifications
GOST 3916.2-96  <->  Plywood with outer layers of coniferous veneer for general use. Specifications
GOST 3920-70  <->  Tinned steel cable wire. Specifications
GOST 3927-88  <->  The shoe lasts. Specifications
GOST 3933-75  <->  Still photo and movie camera lenses. Joined dimensions for accessories
GOST 3934-71  <->  Aircraft wood. Inspection rules and control methods
GOST 3935-2000  <->  Cigarettes. General specifications
GOST 3935-81  <->  Cigarettes. General specifications
GOST 3940-84  <->  Electrical equipment for vehicles and tractors. General technical requirements
GOST 3945-78  <->  Fish preserves. Fish in spicial brine. Specifications
GOST 3948-90  <->  Frozen fish fillets. Specifications
GOST 3956-76  <->  Silica gel for industrial use. Specifications
GOST 3964-69  <->  Slot mitting cutters. Basic dimensions
GOST 396-84  <->  Silk twisted non-sterile threads for surgery. Specifications
GOST 397-79  <->  Splints. Specifications
GOST 39-79  <->  Naphthame-2. Specifications
GOST 398-2010  <->  Rough tyres for railway rolling stock. Specifications
GOST 398-81  <->  Carbon steel tires for rolling stock for broad gauge railways. Technical requirements
GOST 398-96  <->  Carbon steel bandages for rolling stock of wide gauge railways and metro. Specifications
GOST 4.100-83  <->  System of quality characteristics of products. Line insulators. Nomenclature of characteristics
GOST 4.103-83  <->  Index system of products quality. Oil and fuel dispensing pumps. Nomenclature of indexes
GOST 4.105-83  <->  Production quality indices system. Turf and products of turf retreatment. List of indices
GOST 4.106-83  <->  System of product quality indices. Gas extinguisher mixtures. Nomenclature of indices
GOST 4.107-83  <->  System of product quality indices. Fire-extinguishing powders. Nomenclature of indices
GOST 4.108-84  <->  Product-quality index system. Products of chemical and petroleum engineering industry. Complete technological plants. Nomenclature of indexes
GOST 4.110-84  <->  System of quality characteristics of products. Petroleum cokes. Nomenclature of characteristics
GOST 4.111-84  <->  Product quality ratings system. Universal singles bucket excavators. Ratings nomenclature
GOST 4.112-89  <->  Product-quality index system. Garage equipment. Nomenclature of indices
GOST 4.114-84  <->  Product quality ratings system. Industrial pipe-line fittings. Nomenclature of main characteristics
GOST 4.115-84  <->  Product quality ratings system. Textile sorted secondary raw materials and industrial sorted waste of textile materials. Quality characteristics nomenclature

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