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GOST 11589-88
Lifeboats and life saving rafts for sea ships. Statute book of life saving signals
Price: $132.66
GOST 13207-85
Food rations for rescue boats and rafts of ships
Price: $116.82
GOST 19105-79
Pleasure crafts-row boats and motor boats. Types, basic parameters and technical requirements
Price: $198.99
GOST 19356-79
Pleasure boats rowing and motor
Price: $214.83
GOST 22336-77
Price: $198.99
GOST 22408-77
Inflatable life rafts for sea-going ships inflation system. Technical specifications
GOST 23200-78
Pleasure row boats and motor boats. General requirements when delivering for export
Price: $345.51
GOST 24161-80
Motor boats for reasing. Terms and definitions
Price: $132.66
GOST 27666-88
Rowing boats and life-saving rafts for sea ships. Electric waterproof hand-lights
GOST 28029-89
Life boats for seagoing ships. Rowlocks
Price: $94.79
GOST 28030-89
Life boats for seagoing ships. Boat hooks
Price: $92.20
GOST 28138-89
Life boats for seagoing ships. Oars
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