55.160 Mailboxes. Boxes. Crates

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GOST 10131-87
Wood panel cases for woodware and matches. Specifications
GOST 10131-93
Wooden boxes and boxes from timber-based materials for the food industry, agriculture, and matches
Price: $354.42
GOST 10198-91
Wooden boxes for weights of mass over 200 up to 20000 kg. General specifications
Price: $885.06
GOST 10350-81
Wooden cases for light industry produce. Specifications
Price: $101.97
GOST 11002-80
Wooden cases reinforced with wire. General specifications
Price: $209.88
GOST 11142-78
Plate boxes for personal defense means. Specifications
Price: $101.97
GOST 11354-82
Wooden returnable boxes for production of bood industry. Specifications
GOST 11354-93
Returnable cases of wood and wood materials for food-stuffs and agricultural products. Specifications
Price: $431.64
GOST 12082-82
Roof boarding for consignments up to 500 kg. General specifications
Price: $405.90
GOST 12301-2006
Cartons of paperboard, paper and composite materials. General specifications
Price: $263.34
GOST 12301-81
Cartons made from cardboard, paper
Price: $236.61
GOST 12303-80
Boxes made from cardboard, paper
Price: $276.21
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