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65.100.99 Other pesticides and agrochemicals

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GOST 15847-79
Tmtd-80 % wettable powder. Specifications
GOST 22707-77
Technical methyl bromide. Specifications
Price: $151.00
GOST 24716-91
Dichloramine for industrial use
Price: $267.00
Letter 09-3801-2023-40
On the application of the unified rules
Letter 19-G-554/og
On state registration of pesticides and agrochemicals
Methodical Recommendations 1.2.0235-21
Hygienic classification of pesticides and agrochemicals according to hazard
MR 1.2.0042-11
Control of nanomaterials used in agriculture
Price: $183.00
MU 1561-76
Guidelines for the determination of chlorophos and phosphamide in the hips of the method of thin layer chromatography
MU 2051-79
Uniform rules for sampling agricultural products, foodstuffs and the environment to determine the micro quantities of pesticides
MU 2086-79
Enzyme-chromatographic method for the determination of organophosphorus pesticides in plant products and biosubstrates
MU 4366-87
Guidelines for the determination of residual amounts of hydrel, dihydrel, dextrel, camposan M in water, soil, plant material by gas-liquid chromatography
MU 4670-88
Guidelines for the determination of heterophos in lavender plants by gas-liquid chromatography
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