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67.040 Food products in general

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GOST 11761-66
Food products. Standard of weighing accuracy
Price: $68.00
GOST 15113.0-77
Food concentrates. Rules of acceptance, sampling and preparation of samples
Price: $84.00
GOST 15113.1-77
Food concentrates. Methods for determination of packing quality, net and volume weight, separate components mass fraction, particle size of certain types of product and milling grade
Price: $84.00
GOST 30711-2001
Food-stuffs. Methods for detection and determination of aflatoxins B1 and M1 content
Price: $283.00
GOST 30726-2001
Food-stuffs. Methods for detection and determination of Escherichia coli
Price: $168.00
GOST 31628-2012
Food-stuffs and food raw materials. Anodic stripping voltammetric method of arsenic mass concentration determination
Price: $316.00
GOST 31708-2012
Microbiology of food and stuffs. Method for the detection and enumeration of presumptive Escherichia coli. Most probable number technique
Price: $283.00
GOST 31744-2012
Microbiology of food and animal feeding stuffs. Clostridium perfringens colony-count technique
Price: $365.00
GOST 32010-2013
Food products. Method for detection of Shigella species bacteria
Price: $398.00
GOST 33302-2015
Fresh agricultural products. Guidance for irradiation as a phytosanitary treatment
Price: $234.00
GOST 33339-2015
Radiation processing of food products. General specifications
Price: $217.00
GOST 33340-2015
Irradiated foodstuffs. General considerations
Price: $134.00
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