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GOST 33567-2015
Lactose. Specifications
Price: $377.19
GOST 33569-2015
Milk products. Conductometric method for determination of sodium chloride
Price: $280.17
GOST 33628-2015
Cream-raw material. Methods of adulteration determination
Price: $214.83
GOST 33956-2016
Milk albumin and pasta albumin. Specification
Price: $280.17
GOST 33957-2016
Definitions of reducing sugars and sucrose. The rules of tests acceptance, sampling and control methods
Price: $345.51
GOST 33958-2016
Canned milk. Whey powders. Specifications
Price: $280.17
GOST 34354-2017
Buttermilk and drinks on its base. Specifications
Price: $345.51
GOST 34355-2017
Cream-raw material. Specifications
Price: $264.33
GOST 34372-2017
Bacterial starter cultures for the production of dairy products. Specifiсations
Price: $377.19
GOST ISO 12779-2014
Lactose. Determination of water content. Karl Fischer method
Price: $182.16
GOST ISO 6731/IDF 21-2012
Milk, cream and evaporated milk. Determination of total solids content (Reference method)
Price: $231.66
GOST ISO 7889-2015
Yoghurt. Counting of characteristic microorganisms. Method of counting colonies of microorganisms after incubation at a temperature of 37 ° C
Price: $280.17
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