73.020 Mining and opencast mining

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Decree 293
Regulations on the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use
Directive 1099-r
Russian Coal Industry Development Program for the period up to 2030
Directive 1715-r
Russia's Energy Strategy for the period until 2030
Disposition 1582-r
Program of development of the coal industry of Russia for the period up to 2035
Disposition 849-r
List of facilities not related to the creation of forest infrastructure, for protective forests, operational forests, reserve forests
ETKS Issue 4
Unified tariff qualification reference book of works and professions of workers. Sections: General professions of mining and mining operations; General professions of enrichment, agglomeration, briquetting; Extraction and enrichment of coal and shale, construction of coal and shale mines and cuts; Construction of subways, tunnels and underground structures for special purposes; Mining and enrichment of ore and placer minerals; Ore agglomeration; Mining and enrichment of mining and chemical raw materials; Extraction and enrichment of building materials; Peat extraction and processing; Processing of brown coal and ozokerite ores
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Federal Law 205-FZ
On Amendments to Article 23 of the Federal Law "On Precious Metals and Precious Stones
GOST 10478-75
Brown coals, hard coals, anthracites, coke combustible shales and turf. Method for determination of arsenic content
GOST 12288-66
Mining rocks. Methods for the determination of mechanical properties by punching
GOST 15489-84
Brown coals, hard coals, anthracite and combustible shales. Methods for determination of coefficient of grindability
GOST 2.850-75
Rock graphic documentation. Types and sets
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GOST 2.851-75
Rock graphic documentation. General rules for representation of rock drawing
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