77.140.50 Steel sheet products and semi-finished products

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GOST 10234-77
Moderate strength flattened
Price: $157.41
GOST 103-76
Hot-rolled steel strip. Dimensions
Price: $132.66
GOST 10533-86
Cold-rolled thermostatic bimetal strip
Price: $156.42
GOST 1133-71
Forged round and square steel. Dimensions
Price: $48.51
GOST 12169-82
Steel blanks for oxygen cutting. Allowances
Price: $101.97
GOST 12766.2-90
Strip from precision high electric resistance alloys
Price: $97.02
GOST 12766.4-90
Graded rolled stock of precision alloys of high electrical resistance
Price: $115.83
GOST 12766.5-90
Flattened strip of high electric resistance precision alloys
Price: $75.24
GOST 13345-85
Tin-plate and black plate
Price: $226.71
GOST 14080-78
Precision alloy strip with specified temperature coefficient of linear expansion. Specifications
Price: $236.61
GOST 14117-85
Strip made from precision alloys for elastic elements
Price: $169.29
GOST 14637-89
Thick sheet rolled stock of normal quality carbon steel
Price: $182.16
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