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A40 Classification, nomenclature and general rules

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GOST 27098-86
Standard sample of limestone KH-3
Price: $201.00
ST SEV 2301-80
Standard Specimen of Clay Shale TB
ST SEV 3532-82
TS Carbon Shale Standard Sample
ST SJeV 2294-80
Standard sample of nepheline syenite SNS-2
ST SJeV 2295-80
Gabbro GW standard sample
ST SJeV 2296-80
Standard sample of dolomite DM
ST SJeV 2297-80
Standard marl sample MV
ST SJeV 2299-80
Standard sample of GM granite
ST SJeV 2300-80
Standard sample of BM basalt
ST SJeV 2302-80
Standard sample of limestone KN
ST SJeV 3533-82
Standard sample of feldspar sand FK
ST SJeV 3534-82
Standard SpS glass sand sample
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