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B37 Gasket lubricants (reinforcing, threaded, vacuum)

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GOST 14068-79
Paste ВНИИ НП-232. Specifications
Price: $48.51
GOST 19538-74
Putty ЗЗК-3у. Specifications
Price: $48.51
GOST 19782-74
Paste ВНИИ НП-225. Specifications
Price: $48.51
GOST 3260-75
Lubricant projectile sun. Technical conditions
Price: $75.24
GOST 5078-80
Liner lube. Specification
GOST 5656-85
Graphite grease BVN-1. Specification
GOST 7171-78
Petrol-resisting grease. Specifications
Price: $89.10
GOST ISO 13678-2022
Casing, tubing, pipe and drill-string elements for the oil and gas industry. Evaluation and testing of thread lubricants
GOST R ISO 13678-2015
Casing, tubing, line pipe and drill stem elements for petroleum and natural gas industries. Evaluation and testing thread compounds
Price: $845.46
TU 38.101.708-78
P-113 threaded grease, P-402 grease, P-416
TU 38.101812-83
Plastic Grease "Armatol-238"
TU 38.101993-87
Lubritol Lubricant
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