L53 Indicators and auxiliary solutions

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GOST 10816-64
Indicators. Methyl orange (sodium paradimethylamino-azobenzenesulfonic acid)
GOST 11774-66
Nitrazine yellow (delta) 2,4-dinitrobenzoazo-1-naphthol-3,6-disulfonic acid disodium salt
GOST 11957-66
Reagent for flotation of coals (oil-X)
GOST 16923-71
Organic products. Preparation of standard solutions for analyses by diazotization and combination methods
GOST 4212-48
Reagents. Preparation of solutions for colorimetry and nephelometric
GOST 4212-62
Solutions. Preparation of solutions for colorimetric and nephelometric analysis
GOST 4517-48
Reagents. Auxiliary solutions used in the analysis of inorganic reagents
GOST 4517-65
Methods for preparation of auxiliary reagents and solutions used in the analysis
GOST 4599-49
Indicators. Phenol red
GOST 4599-51
Phenolic red
GOST 4599-61
Phenolic red
GOST 4599-73
Indicators. Phenolic red
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