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N22 Fats of fish and freezers (except medical and veterinary)

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GOST 1304-45
Fish and other animal fats, technical
GOST 1304-60
Fats of marine mammals and fish for technical purpose
GOST 1304-76
Fish and marine mammals fats for industrial use. Specifications
Price: $129.69
GOST 1306-41
Whale fat
GOST 1306-66
Whale fat. Specification
GOST 8714-2014
Fish and aquatic mammals food oil. Specifications
Price: $149.49
GOST 8714-58
Fats of marine mammals and fish for food purpose
GOST 8714-72
Fish and marine mammals edible oil
Price: $61.38
OST 15-9-76
Fats of fish and marine mammals to produce medical and veterinary fats (semi-manufactured goods). Technical conditions.
TU 113-00-0209269-27-91
The preparation "Universal-N"
TU 15-02-627-91
Fat fish food
TU 400-SP
Aikonol. Edible oil
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