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Control of technological processes, control of the accuracy of technological processes

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GOST 23222-88
Precision characteristics fulfilment of automation means prescript function. Requirements for rating. General control methods
Price: $570.24
GOST 24440-80
Footwear for army. Static regulation of technological processes
Price: $115.83
GOST 24441-80
Footwear for army. Analysis of precision of technological processes
Price: $115.83
GOST 28558-90
Certification of refrigerating chambers for storage of fruits and vegetables. Main principles
Price: $169.29
GOST ISO 11342-95
Mechanical vibration-methods and criteria for the mechanical balancing of flexible rotors
Price: $594.99
OST 107-0088.001-90
Cylinder-conic differential gears. Typical processes of assembly and control.
OST 107-0088.002-90
Instrumental packaged reduction gears. Typical technological processes of assembly and control.
OST 1-42161-83
Evaluation of the technical and organizational levels of an industrial enterprise and production association. Methods for calculating and assessing the technical level of primary and secondary production
OST 16-0.686.468-76
Unified system for technological preparation of production. Electrical insulation. Compounds based on synthetic resins. Manufacturing. Typical technological process.
OST 23.4.227-83
Structural grounds for processability of parts. Design of parts produced by hot forging forming.
OST 37.002.0560-79
Automated control systems. Legal support. General requirements
OST 37.002.0918-81
Automated control systems for the enterprises. Technical documentation. Requirements to structure and contents of the feasibility study.
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