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GOST 10112-80
Double-ended spanners. Dimensions of spans
Price: $283.09
GOST 10754-80
Screwdrivers for fitting and assembling. Working part of fitting and assembling screwdrivers for recessed screws and wood screws. Dimensions
Price: $68.00
GOST 11391-75
Blacksmith's hand and hammer tools. Longitudinal cutting square nose pliers. Design and dimensions
Price: $84.00
GOST 11516-79
Erecting fitters tools for electrical plauts of voltage up to 1000 V. Insulating handles. Generic specifications
Price: $583.79
GOST 16271-70
Damping devices of percussion hand machines. Technical requirements
Price: $201.00
GOST 16844-86
Technical requirements for mechanical hammers
GOST 16983-80
Combination wrenches. Design and dimensions
Price: $168.00
GOST 16984-79
Hook wrenches for round slotted nuts. Design and dimensions
Price: $168.00
GOST 16985-79
Jointed hook wrenches for circular spline nuts. Design and dimensions
Price: $151.00
GOST 17199-88
Fitter’s screwdrivers
Price: $653.00
GOST 17270-71
Frames for hand hack-saws. Specifications
Price: $494.00
GOST 17438-72
Price: $267.00
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