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Measuring instruments for dimensions in mechanical engineering

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GOST 30534-97
Means of measurement for linear and angular dimensions. Safety requirements and test methods
Price: $217.00
GOST 8.099-73
State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurement. Cludicating hole gauges graduated in 0,01mm. Methods and means of verification
OST 2-BV00-6-88
Control and measuring tools applied for linear and angular dimensions in machine-building industry. General safety requirements.
OST 2-BV89-1-86
Metrological support of non-standardized measuring instruments. Basic provisions.
OST 3-4289-79
"Centre" instrument for tube geometrics measurement. Design and dimensions.
OST 4-275.001-77
Universal measuring tools for Internal linear dimensions of 1-500 mm. Selection guide.
OST 84-2269-86
Automatic machines for assembly of products. Control heads. Types and key parameters.
RD 50-98-86
Methodological instructions. Selecting universal means of dimensional measurement up to 500 mm (application as per GOST 8.051-81).
Price: $1,263.00
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