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Calculation and design standards. Technical documentation

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GOST 2.730-73
Unified system for design documentation. Graphical symbols in diagrams. Semiconductor devices
Price: $267.00
GOST 2.736-68
Unified system of design documentation. Graphical symbols in diagrams. Piezoelectric and magnetostriction elements; delay lines
Price: $118.00
GOST 2.746-68
Unified system for design documentation. Graphic identifications in schemes. Quantum generators and amplifiers
Price: $84.00
OST 107-440001.001-86
Special equipment and industrial control and measurement instrumentation. Standard form of structuring and presentation of specifications.
OST 107-460021.001-86
Acoustoelectronic products on surface acoustic waves. Designing.
OST 107-460091.003-87
Assembly and installation of radio electronic equipment. Detergents. Consumption rates
OST 11-0273-86
SHF instruments. Unmanageable dimensions. Production procedures.
OST 11-0586-88
Centralized pre-vacuum systems. Calculation methods and engineering.
OST 16-0.801.425-87
Printed-board connectors for the frequency of up to 3 MHz. Part 1. General rules and guidance on detailed specifications.
OST 3-3226-84
Photoelectric radiation receivers.
OST 3-6540-89
Multilayer printed circuit boards. General design requirements.
OST 4-000.015-83
Order of endorsement and application of vendor items, developed and manufactured by the sector.
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