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Vacuum quartz resonators in cylindrical design

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GOST 18683.1-83
Digital integrated circuits. Methods for measuring static electrical parameters
Price: $151.00
GOST 19799-74
Analogue integrated circuits. Methods for measurement of electric parameters and determination of responses
Price: $746.00
GOST 27124-86
Piezoelectric resonators for industrial and domestic radio electronic equipment application. Basic parameters
Price: $134.00
GOST 28623-90
Semiconductor devices. Part 10. General specification for discrete devices and integrated circuits
Price: $637.00
GOST 4.465-87
Product-quality index system. Integratet circuits. Index nomenclature
Price: $637.00
OST 11-0049-84
Integrated microcircuits. Series 286. Application guide.
OST 11-0161.1-85
Piezoelectric devices and electromechanical filters. Insulation resistivity measuring method.
OST 11-0439-87
Integrated microcircuits. Series КР 132 ( KR132RU6 ). Application guide.
OST 11-14.7006-87
ICs and semiconductor devices. Technical requirements for lithography technological process.
OST 11-206.804-81
Quartz Filters. Basic designs.
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