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Gas discharge and gas-filled devices

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GOST 11163-84
Gas-discharge devices. General specifications
Price: $637.00
GOST 23010-78
Glow-discharge indicators. Basic parameters
Price: $68.00
GOST 23012-78
Devices multiposition counting indicated and switching. Basic parameters
Price: $84.00
GOST 23506-79
Gas-discharge impulsive tube sources of high-energy optical radiation for electronic flashes. Main dimensions
GOST 25024.7-90
Character displays. Methods of measuring spectral characteristics and chromaticity coordinates
Price: $462.00
GOST 26995-86
Ionization gas-discharge detectors. Specifications
Price: $590.00
OST 11-0087-84
Character gas-discharge indicators. Main dimensions.
OST 11-0156-85
Ionic dischargers. Application guideline.
OST 11-0230-85
Character gas-discharge indicators. Schemes of electrode wiring with outlets.
OST 11-334.804-80
Gas discharge devices. Tacitrons. Parameters system.
OST 11-334.815-81
Ignitrons. Guidance on application.
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