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GOST 10406-81
Pile textiles. Method for determinations of pile crease resistance
Price: $151.00
GOST 10681-75
Textiles. Methods for determination atmospheric conditions for sample conditioning and testing
Price: $240.00
GOST 10719-75
Binding materials. Method for the determination of adhesion and thermoadhesion
Price: $151.00
GOST 10793-64
Cotton, rayon and mixed fabrics. Method for determination of resistance to photooxidative destruction
Price: $118.00
GOST 1178-75
Woven piece-goods from pure wool and half-wool (mixed). Determination of sorts
Price: $134.00
GOST 12.4.173-87
Occupational safety standards system means for personal protection from alkalis
Price: $51.00
GOST 12023-66
Textile materials. Method of thickness determination
GOST 12088-77
Textiles and articles. Method for the determination of air permeability
Price: $286.00
GOST 12453-77
Linen and half-linen fabrics and piece goods, primary packing and marking
Price: $109.00
GOST 12867-77
All-wool and half-wool fabrics for dresses. Method for determination of linear dimensional change after wet ironing
Price: $118.00
GOST 14326-73
Woven fabrics. Method for determination of pilling
Price: $134.00
GOST 15898-70
Linen and semi-linen fabrics. Method of determination of flame-proof properties
Price: $84.00
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