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GOST 16594-85
Uncooked smoked pork products
Price: $183.15
GOST 17482-85
Pork products baked and fried
Price: $126.72
GOST 18236-85
Cooked pork products
Price: $263.34
GOST 18255-85
Smoked and cooked pork products
Price: $209.88
GOST 18256-85
Pork products,
Price: $157.41
GOST 23670-79
Cooked sausages, frankfurters and small sausages, meat loafs
Price: $341.55
OST 10-02.01.09-88
Headcheeses. Technical conditions.
OST 49-190-82
Liverwurst. Technical conditions.
OST 49-196-83
Black pudding. Technical conditions.
OST 49-200-83
Meat paste. Specification.
OST 49-38-85
Pork bacon products. Technical conditions
OST 49-5-70
Protein liver sausage.
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