Fish, freshly frozen (without herring)

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GOST 1168-86
Frozen fish
Price: $209.88
GOST 17660-72
Frozen fish dressed by special methods
Price: $250.66
GOST 17660-97
Frozen fish gutted by special method. Specifications
Price: $156.42
GOST 17661-72
Frozen tuna, sailfish, mackerel,
Price: $89.10
GOST 20057-74
Frozen oceanic fish. Specifications
Price: $977.47
GOST 20057-96
Frozen sea fish
Price: $126.72
GOST 21230-75
Frozen sardines
GOST 21311-75
Frozen sharks supplied for export
Price: $142.56
GOST 21607-76
Frozen sets for fish soups
Price: $230.05
GOST 21607-97
Frozen fish soups. Specifications
Price: $156.42
GOST 24896-81
Live fish
Price: $129.69
GOST 30314-95
Frozen scallop fillet
Price: $156.42
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