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GOST 21149-75
Oat flakes. Specifications
GOST 275-56
Groats. Methods for determination of quality
GOST 276-60
Wheat groats
Price: $129.69
GOST 2929-75
Oat flour
Price: $129.69
GOST 5550-74
Buckwheat groats
Price: $101.97
GOST 572-60
Polished millet groats
Price: $115.83
GOST 5784-60
Barley groats. Specifications
Price: $129.69
GOST 6201-68
Shelled (hulled) peas
Price: $156.42
GOST 6292-93
Rice groats
Price: $169.29
GOST 7022-54
Semolina. Specifications
GOST ISO 6644-97
Cereals and milled cereal products. Automatic sampling by mechanical means
Price: $115.83
GOST R 50439-92
Oat flakes. Specifications
Price: $268.32
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