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31. Hydraulic units

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RD 153-34.2-31.302-2001
Procedural Guidelines for Field Tests of Hydraulic Turbine Units Prior to Placement in Service at Hydroelectric Generating Stations
Price: $179.19
RD 153-34.2-31.308-98
Procedural Guidelines for Inspection of Hydraulic Generator Assemblies in the Event of Damage
Price: $147.51
RD 153-34.2-31.401-2002
Standard Technical Requirements Hydraulic Turbine Equipment Delivered to Hydroelectric Power Plants by Manufacturers
Price: $185.13
RD 34.31.301
Guidelines for testing hydraulic turbine control systems
Price: $769.23
RD 34.31.302-88
Guidelines for conducting full-scale tests of hydroturbine units before putting the hydroelectric power station into operation
RD 34.31.303-96
Guidelines for the operational control of the vibration state of structural units of hydraulic units
Price: $143.55
RD 34.31.304-95
Guidelines for assessing the technical condition of the hydrogenerator, its systems and components
RD 34.31.305-96
Guidelines for determining the shapes of the rotor and stator of hydrogenerators and estimating the symmetry of the air gap
RD 34.31.306-96
Guidelines for controlling the heating of soldered joints of the frontal parts of the stator windings of hydrogenerators
RD 34.31.307-97
Guidelines for monitoring the state of pressing of the stator core of the hydrogenerator and its restoration
RD 34.31.501-97
Guidelines for the operation of the vertical bearings of vertical hydraulic units
Price: $241.56
RD 34.31.502-97
Procedural Guidelines for Writing Local Operating Instructions for Hydraulic Turbine Equipment and Mechanical Part of Hydraulic Generator
Price: $210.87
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