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39. Pipelines, fittings

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RD 153-34.0-39.604-00
Procedural Guidelines for Detaching Support and Suspension System of Piping System and Acceptance of Support and Suspension Fastening System After Completion of Repair
Price: $289.08
RD 153-34.1-39.401-00
Procedural Guidelines for Initial Adjustment of Piping Systems at In-Service Thermal Power Stations
Price: $554.40
RD 153-34.1-39.502-98
Guidelines for Operation and Procedure and Schedule for Checking safety Devices for Vessels, Apparatus, and Piping Systems of Thermal Power Stations
Price: $648.45
RD 153-34.1-39.504-00
General technical requirements for fittings of CHP plant ( TPP OTT - 2000).
Price: $148.50
RD 153-34.1-39.603-99
Fittings repair manual of high parameters.
Price: $554.40
RD 153-34.1-39.605-2002
General Requirements and Guidelines for Use of Thermally Expanded Graphite Seals in Thermal Power Station Valves
Price: $351.45
RD 34.39.101
Guidelines for Design, Construction, and Acceptance of Gas Pipelines Supplying Natural Gas to Boilers at District Electric Power Generating Stations
RD 34.39.201
Guidelines for Installation of Steam and Water Piping Systems in Thermal Power Stations
Price: $1,659.24
RD 34.39.301-87
Procedural Guidelines for Monitoring Thermal Expansion of Steam Lines in Thermal Power Stations
Price: $367.29
RD 34.39.401
Guidelines for commissioning steam pipelines of thermal power plants in operation
RD 34.39.501
Model Guidelines for Operation, Repair, and Inspection of System Water Station Piping Systems
Price: $477.18
RD 34.39.502
Instructions for use, procedure and terms of checking the safety devices of vessels, devices and pipelines of thermal power plants
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