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26. Labor protection and safety engineering during surveys and construction of roads and in construction projects

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Decree 38
SanPiN 2.2.1 / Sanitary protection zones and sanitary classification of enterprises, structures and other facilities
Federal Law 181-FZ
Fundamentals of Occupational Safety and Health in the Russian Federation
GOST R 12.0.006-2002
Occupational safety standards system. General requirements on occupational health and safety management in organization system
Price: $394.02
GOST R 12.3.048-2002
Occupational safety standards system. Building. Hydraulic excavation. Safety requirements
Price: $615.78
IOT RZhD-4100612-TsDRP-035-2012
Instructions on labor protection for the installer of the track of JSC Russian Railways
Price: $394.00
Letter 09-8079-2022-40
On the application of sanitary regulations
MDS 11-16.2002
Guidelines for drafting an engineering plan for civil defense
Price: $376.20
MDS 12-11.2002
Procedures Manual for SNIP 12-03-2001 "Occupational Safety and Health in Construction. Part 1: General Requirements" for Occupational Safety and Health Training and Testing of Supervisors and Specialists in Construction
Price: $2,339.37
MDS 12-16.2003
Recommended Practice for the Development of Local Regulations (Proprietary Standards) for Use in an Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems in a Construction Organization
Price: $580.14
MDS 12-26.2006
Methodological manual for the examination of knowledge of labor protection requirements by executives and specialists of construction organizations
Price: $2,294.82
MDS 21-3.2001
Method for and Examples of Feasibility Study for Fire Protection Measures for SNIP 21-01-97*
Price: $694.98
Prevention of the stress state of workers in various types of professional activity
Price: $461.34
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