K.65 Roofing, waterproofing and sealing materials and products

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GOST 10296-71
GOST 10296-79
Isol-hydroinsulating material. Specifications
Price: $134.00
GOST 10923-64
Ruberoid. Technical requirements
GOST 10923-93
Ruberoid. Specifications
Price: $151.00
GOST 14791-69
Mastic of polyisobutylene for construction UMS-50
GOST 14791-79
Sealing non-hardening
Price: $201.00
GOST 15836-70
Mastic, bitumen-rubber, insulating
GOST 15836-79
Bitumen-rubber insulating mastic. Specifications
Price: $201.00
GOST 15879-70
Glass ruberoid. Specifications
Price: $134.00
GOST 18956-73
Rolling roof materials. Aging under artificial climatic factors. Test methods
Price: $300.00
GOST 19177-81
Rubber porous sealing gaskets
Price: $217.00
GOST 20429-84
Folgoisol. Specifications
Price: $134.00
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