77 Metallurgy

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GOST 10006-80
Metal pipes
Price: $234.00
GOST 10145-81
Metals. Stress-rupture test method
Price: $117.00
GOST 1020-97
Casting brass in pigs. Specifications
Price: $201.00
GOST 10243-75
Steel. Methods of test and estimation of macrostructure
Price: $633.00
GOST 103-2006
Hot-rolled steel strips. Dimensions
Price: $128.00
GOST 103-76
Hot-rolled steel strip. Dimensions
Price: $134.00
GOST 10446-80
Wire. Tensile test method
Price: $84.00
GOST 10447-93
Wire. Wrapping. Test method
Price: $84.00
GOST 1050-2013
Metal products from nonalloyed structural quality and special steels. General specification
Price: $194.00
GOST 10505-76
Locked-coil hoisting steel wire ropes
Price: $234.00
GOST 10506-76
Enclosed steel lifting ropes
Price: $267.00
GOST 1050-88
Carbon structural quality steel gauged bars with special surface finish. General specifications
Price: $183.00
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