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GOST 10807-78
Road signs. General specifications
Price: $2,065.14
GOST 12.2.004-75
Occupational safety standards system. Special machines and devices for pipe-line building. Safety requirements
Price: $231.66
GOST 12.3.006-75
Occupational safety standards system. Operation of water supply and sewerage systems. General safety requirements
Price: $132.66
GOST 12071-2014
Soils. Sampling, packing, transportation and keeping of samples
Price: $214.83
GOST 12248.10-2020
Soils. Determination of the deformability characteristics of frozen soils by the method of compression compression
GOST 12248.11-2020
Soils. Determination of strength characteristics of thawing soils by the shear method
GOST 12248.1-2020
Soils. Determination of strength characteristics by the method of one-plane cut
GOST 12248.2-2020
Soils. Determination of strength characteristics by uniaxial compression
Price: $373.35
GOST 12248.3-2020
Soils. Determination of strength and deformability characteristics by triaxial compression method
GOST 12248.4-2020
Soils. Determination of deformability characteristics by compression method
GOST 12248.5-2020
Soils. Suffusion compression method
GOST 12248.6-2020
Soils. Method for determining swelling and shrinkage
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