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ATK-RE 2013
Shell-and-tube heat exchangers and pipe-in-tube heat exchangers manufactured according to TU 3612-005-00220302, TU 3644-006-00220302, TU 3612-017-00220302, TU 3612-013-00220302, TU 3612-014-00220302, TU 3612-013 023-00220302, TU 3612-024-00220302, TU 3612-100-00220302. Manual
ATK-RE 2015
Shell-and-tube heat exchangers and tube-in-tube heat exchangers. Manual
ATPE 9-09
A typical program for the operational control of the state of the base metal and welded joints of equipment and pipelines of nuclear power plants with VVER-1000 RP during operation
ETCS Issue 2
Unified tariff qualification reference book of works and professions of workers. Sections: "Foundry", "Welding", "Boiler, cold-forging, drawing and pressing", "Forge-pressing and thermal work", "Mechanical processing of metals and other materials", "Metal plating and painting", "Enameling", Locksmithing and assembly work "
FTS ZhT TsP 046-2001
Special rolling stock. Rail welding machines. Certification requirements
GOST 10052-75
Metal covered electrodes, for manual arc welding of high-alloyed steels with special properties. Types
Price: $183.15
GOST 10157-2016
Gaseous and liquid argon. Specifications
Price: $216.81
GOST 10543-82
Surfacing steal wire. Specifications
Price: $690.49
GOST 10543-98
Steel surfacing wire. Specifications
Price: $222.75
GOST 10594-80
Equipment for arc, resistance, ultrasound and plasma treatment. Series of parameters
Price: $34.65
GOST 10598-82
Air-water coolers for diesels and gas engines with supercharging
Price: $196.02
GOST 10705-63
Electrically welded steel tubes. Technical requirements
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