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GOST 12.4.035-78
Protective face shields
Price: $89.10
GOST 12.4.242-2013
Occupational safety standards system. Additional protective footwear for works with radioactive and chemically toxic substances. General technical requirements and test methods
Price: $247.50
GOST 12.4.254-2013
Occupational safety standards system. Personal eye and face protection equipment during welding and related processes. General specifications
Price: $504.90
GOST 12.4.304-2016
Occupational safety standards system. Protective clothing. Methods of testing the material on impact of splashes of molten metal
Price: $345.51
GOST 1561-75
Air reservoirs for railway car automatic brakes. Specifications
Price: $182.16
GOST 16092-78
Suspended multiconductor flexible cables
Price: $126.72
GOST 16310-70
Seams of welded joints made of vinyl plastic and polyethylene. Main groups and structural elements
GOST 16310-80
Welded joints of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride. Main types, design elements and dimensions
Price: $354.42
GOST 16971-71
Welded joints of Plasticized VPC, unplasticized VPC and polyethylene. Quality control methods. Total requirements
Price: $183.15
GOST 17515-72
Hookup plastic insulated wires
Price: $157.41
GOST 18404.0-78
Control cables. General specifications
Price: $615.78
GOST 18599-2001
Polyethylene pressure pipes. Specifications
Price: $1,319.67
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