Regulations and standards (to TR TS 017/2011)

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FR 1.31.2001.00360
Methodology for measuring caprolactam concentrations in natural and waste waters
GOST 10138-93
Pure linen, linen and half-linen fabrics for bedding and underwear
Price: $97.02
GOST 10151-75
Ladies' fur garments
Price: $183.15
GOST 10231-77
Dressed krimmer lamb
Price: $126.72
GOST 10232-77
Pure linen, linen and semilinen toweling and towels
Price: $97.02
GOST 1023-91
Leather. Marking, packing, transportation and storage
Price: $156.42
GOST 10322-71
Dressed mink skins
Price: $126.72
GOST 10325-79
Fur headgear
Price: $354.42
GOST 10438-78
Artificial fancy leather with polyvinyl chloride cover. Type НТ. Specifications
Price: $156.42
GOST 10522-73
Jahobab dressed skins
Price: $97.02
GOST 10524-74
USSR state standard terry linen and semilinen fabrics and piece goods
Price: $101.97
GOST 10530-79
Textile decorative piece-goods. General specifications
Price: $75.24
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