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1.2.1 Rationing of air quality and harmful physical effects


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GOST R 70560-2022
Greenhouse gases. The Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Guidance on Scope 2. main provisions and concepts
Price: $283.00
GOST R 70561-2022
Greenhouse gases. The Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Scope Manual 2. Calculation of Energy Emissions of Greenhouse Gases
Price: $217.00
MUK 4.1.3607-20
Measurement of Mephenoxam Concentrations in Atmospheric Air of Residential Areas by Capillary Gas-Liquid Chromatography
Price: $199.00
MUK 4.1.3615-20
Measurement of mefentrifluconazole concentrations in working area air, atmospheric air in populated areas and skin washes from operators by high performance liquid chromatography
Price: $215.00
MUK 4.1.3621-20
Measurement of concentrations of non-ionic surfactants: alkylamines (C13-C15) ethoxylated; tristyrylphenol ethoxylated; ammonium salt of tristyryl sulfate ethoxylated in working area air, atmospheric air of settlements by spectrophotometric method
Price: $215.00
MUK 4.3.3593-19
Methodology for measuring the mass concentration of coal dust and suspended particles, including aerosols of fibrogenic action, in the atmospheric air and the air of the working area by the gravimetric method
Price: $868.00
Resolution 1126
On Amendments to Certain Acts of the Government of the Russian Federation
Resolution 174
On Amendments to the Regulations on Maximum Permissible Emissions, Temporarily Allowed Emissions, Maximum Permissible Standards of Harmful Physical Impacts on the Atmospheric Air and Permits for Emissions of Pollutants into the Atmospheric Air
Resolution 2055
On maximum permissible emissions, temporarily permitted emissions, maximum permissible standards for harmful physical effects on the atmospheric air and permits for emissions of pollutants into the atmospheric air
Resolution 678
On establishing the period for which the inventory of greenhouse gas emissions and greenhouse gas removals is made in order to determine the balance of greenhouse gas emissions and removals of greenhouse gases in the Sakhalin Oblast
Resolution 828
On approval of the Rules for issuing permits for temporary emissions
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