2.17 Safety requirements for repair work

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GOST 12.2.106-85
Occupational safety standards system. Machines and mechanisms for mining of ore, non-ore and placer deposits. General hygienic requirements and methods of testing
Price: $184.00
GOST 12.3.016-87
Occupational safety standards system. Building construction anticorrosive protective works. Safety requirements
Price: $79.00
GOST 12.3.017-79
Occupational safety standards system. Automobile maintenance and service. General safety requirements
GOST 12.3.035-84
Construction. Painting. Safety requirements
Price: $201.00
GOST 12.3.040-86
Occupational safety standards system. Construction. Roofing and water proofing. Safety requirements
Price: $217.00
GOST 2.609-79
Unified system for design documentation. Order of development, endorsement and approval of operation and repair documents
General Specified Quantity Allowances for Building Materials
Rules for the safe operation and repair of equipment and pipelines of industrial reactor installations Ruslan and LF-2
R 31.3.08-04
Industry-Specific Ordinance on Scheduled Preventive Maintenance of Process Buildings and Structures in Maritime Transport
Price: $407.00
RD 09-364-00
Safety Instructions for hot works in hazardous and explosive areas.
Price: $49.00
RD 153-112TNP-027-97
Guidelines for Cold-Weather Overhaul of Petroleum Product Pipelines 100-720 mm in Diameter
Price: $598.00
RD 153-34.0-45.510-98
Model Guidelines for Operation and Repair of Slip Rings and Brushes of Turbine Generators with Power of 63 MW and Above
Price: $1,231.00
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