6.2 Ionizing radiation

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Federal Law 67-FZ
On Amendments to Article 16 of the Federal Law "On Radiation Safety of the Population" and the Federal Law "On the Safe Handling of Pesticides and Agrochemicals
Federal Law 92-FZ
On special environmental programs for the rehabilitation of radiation-contaminated areas
GN 2.1.8/
Tentative Permissible Levels (TPL) of Exposure To Electromagnetic Radiation Emitted By Cellular Radio Communications Systems
Price: $39.30
Content of technogenic radionuclides in metals
Price: $53.46
Permissible levels of cesium-137 and strontium-90 in forestry products
GOST 12.1.006-84
Occupational safety standards system. Electromagnetic fields of radio frequencies. Permissible levels at work-places and requirements for control
Price: $70.29
GOST 12.1.048-85
Occupational safety standards system. Radiation control during radioactive waste burial. Nomenclature of controlled parameters
Price: $99.99
GOST 12.2.034-78
Occupational safety equipment system. Geophysical borehole apparatus with sources of ionizing radiation. General requirements of radiation safety
Price: $83.16
GOST 12.4.115-82
Occupational safety standards system. Personal safety means. General requirements for marking
Price: $48.51
GOST 12.4.120-83
Occupational safety standards system. Means of the collective protection against ionizing radiation. General technical requirements
Price: $67.32
GOST 12.4.123-83
Occupational safety standard system. Means of collective protection against infra-red radiation. General technical requirements
Price: $48.51
GOST 12.4.173-87
Occupational safety standards system means for personal protection from alkalis
Price: $34.65
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