2.1 General requirements for tests on external factors

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GOST 21964-76
Environmental factors. Nomenclature and characteristics
Price: $526.00
GOST 22406-77
Timber elements and products for building. Method of determining conditional water permeability of water protecting finishes and impregnating compounds
Price: $168.00
GOST 23.201-78
Products wear resistance assurance. Gas abrasive wear testing of materials and coatings with centrifugal accelerator
Price: $217.00
GOST 23.204-78
Products wear resistance assurance. A method of assessment of the surface wearing ability in friction
Price: $151.00
GOST 23.205-79
Products wear resistance assurance. Accelerated life tests by inquiry method
Price: $217.00
GOST 23.208-79
Ensuring of wear resistance of products. Wear resistance testing of materials by friction against loosely fixed abrasive particles
Price: $151.00
GOST 23.211-80
Products wear resistance assuring. Testing of materials for wear under fretting and fretting-corrosion conditions
Price: $217.00
GOST 23.212-82
Products wear resistance assurance. The method of testing materials for wear under shock under law temperature conditions
Price: $267.00
GOST 23.216-84
Ensuring of wear resistance of products. Method of testing materials for wear and friction applying oil-refrigerant mixtures as lubricants
Price: $333.00
GOST 23.218-84
Ensuring of wear resistance of products. Determination of energy-consumption while plastic deformation of materials
Price: $217.00
GOST 23.219-84
Products wear resistance assurance. Test method for wear resistance of materials and details with hydro erosion wearing by dispersed particles
Price: $398.00
GOST 23.223-85
Products wear resistance assurance. Method for determination of tribotechnical properties of construction materials in contact with fibrous material
Price: $371.15
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