Fire equipment, machinery and equipment for public utilities

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GOST 10547-63
Products sanitary faience and semi-porcelain. Technical requirements
GOST 10617-83
Heating boilers with heat output heating capacity from 0.10 to 3.15 mw
Price: $430.00
GOST 11032-64
Household gas storage water heaters
GOST 11032-69
Household gas storage water heaters
GOST 11032-97
Domestic gas storage water heaters. General specifications
Price: $414.00
GOST 11310-2012
Chrysotiles cement pipes and couplings. Acceptance rules and test methods
Price: $267.00
GOST 11614-72
Semi-automatic flushing valves. General technical requirements and test methods
Price: $570.06
GOST 11614-94
Semi-automatic flushing valves. Specifications
Price: $333.00
GOST 12.3.018-79
Occupational safety standards system. Ventilation system. Aerodynamical test methods
Price: $151.00
GOST 12.4.009-75
Occupational safety standards system. Fire-fighting equipment for protection of units. General requirements
GOST 12.4.059-89
Occupational safety standards system. Construction. Protective inventory safeguards. General specifications
Price: $168.00
GOST 13448-82
Plastic ventilation grilles. Technical conditions
Price: $217.00
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